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Terms and Conditions

1 - Purchases may be made only by adults.

2 - Genway offers are valid all over the world.

3 - Goods offered in the store are brand new and equipped with a guarantee.

4 - Negotiation prices when published of goods are given exclude VAT - are gross.

5 - To make a negotiation you do not must be a register user, simple select the item to the cart, complete the Checkout and the data side of the Customer (it is important to enter data in the boxes marked with an asterisk *), and then send via the Internet.

6 - Filling the data sheet Customer is tantamount to consent to storage and processing of data for marketing purposes. These data are confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties.

7 - Customer details filled incorrectly be treated as non-existent and at the same time receive status rejected.

8 - Do not provide to third parties the data entered in the asterisk * box or emailed directly.

9 - Checkout can be placed around the clock every day of the week.

10 - Checkout are processed sequentially by day and hour of filing.

11 - Schedule Checkouts:
  1. Checkout not confirmed within 5 working days will not be realized,
  2. delivery time may be extended to 21 working days for the Checkout by the Customer of Stock Out (availability on request).
    12 - Delivery of goods is done via our courier.

    13 - Methods of payment for goods or other services indicated by the e-mail address.

    14 - The Checkout confirmation sent to the Customer at the address indicated by the e-mail address.

    15 - Proof of purchase of goods is a receipt / invoice issued in accordance with the information given from Customer in the data sheet in the boxes marked with an asterisk * (are main contact details).

    16 - Placing an Checkout by the Customer with the option of shipment for downloading obliges him to collect goods from the courier and pay the calculated duty. In case of failure to collect the parcel, the Genway reserves the right to charge the costs of delivery to the Customer and the cost of returning the goods back to the Genway.

    17 - The message of this contract is deemed to have accepted these regulations - in the case of a request VAT invoice, Genway have rights to issue VAT invoices for purchased goods without a signature.

    18 - Complaints relating to mechanical damage incurred during shipment will be considered only upon receipt of the goods in the presence of the shipper. Admission complaints of this type is necessary to write the complaint protocol.

    19 - Genway reserves the right to:
    1. implementation of large contracts in separate lots,
    2. withdrawal of the products from the offers,
    3. changes in the prices and quantities of goods on,
    4. introduction of new products to offer on,
    5. perform, change and cancel promotions.
      20 - In the case of the promotional period is not possible to connect together its various options for the same commodity. The only exception to the rule is charges for delivery, which can be simultaneously used with the promotions of the product itself.

      21 - All trademarks are registered trademarks.

      22 - The content of these rules and the contents of the offers may be changed without notice. Promotional offers may be limited in number and time.

      23 - Despite the best efforts Genway can not guarantee that the published specifications, information and price do not contain deficiencies or minor errors, which may not be the basis for any claims.

      24 - Photos included in the offer are for informational purposes only and may differ from reality.

      25 - If you have any other questions about Terms & Conditions before you decide Checkout contact us by email directly at

      26 - In matters not regulated here we follow the provisions of the EU Civil Code.

      27 - Questions, suggestions, opinions please Contact Us.

      Using Genway services at Customer accept the above rules.

      Last change 16/7/2018

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      Genway respect your privacy and the data used here are strictly confidential. All data (if sent) is electronically stored securely to prevent unwanted use. Find out more about our Terms & Conditions.

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