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F-S7V11 ~ 4-Wire Color Video Villa Kit

Genway F-S7V11 kit designed for a single family. It is made of stainless steel and aluminum, wall mounted. F-S7V11 kit panel with Sony CCD camera module and with white LEDs enable night vision. Kit includes:
- one door station model F 5S70-C,
- one hands-free indoor phone model F 3110,
- one power supply.
- Warranty 2 years.

The system can work equally two outer panels connected to the module F-4300. One-touch call sign can operate up to 4 monitors. Panel suitable for outdoor installation and is resistant to changing weather conditions and frost. Opening a lock or a conversation takes place without calling from the outer case. New F-series devices are equipped with anti-static and surge protection.
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Product code: F-S7V11
F-S7V11 ~ 4-Wire Color Video Villa Kit


Surface-mounted door station, zinc alloy panel, hands-free indoor phone.
Call, talk and remote unlocking.
Intercom is available between indoor phones.
Double Ding-Dong ring.
    • cassette made of stainless steel and aluminum, vandal
    • Cabling:
      - up to 50 meters - 4x0,75mm cable;
      - over 50 meters - a cross section of 1.0mm + coax
    • direct control of the electromagnetic
    • electronic bell "ding-dong"
    • confidentiality of conversations
    • power supply 14V / DC
    • current consumption during standby - 0.5W
    • current consumption during operation - 1,32W
    • Temperature range: -40 to +70 degrees Celsius
    • Maximum humidity: up to 90%
    • CCD color camera: 3.1 "
    • Angle of View: 72.8 degrees
    • sensitivity: 0.1 lux
    • Resolution: 420 TVL
    • Dimensions: 135 x 58 x 48mm (height x width x depth)
    • Warranty 2 years
    Kit parameters:

    • Zinc alloy panel
    • Dimension: 58(W)x135(H)x48(D) mm
    • Installation: 60(H) mm
    • Surface-mounted

    • Dimension: 220×208×46 mm
    • Surface-mounted
    • CRT 7" TFT

    Power supply
    • Adapter: one power supply AC 100-240V, DC14V, 0.8A

    Manufacturer: Genway. The product was created in the factory company ABB - a world technology leader in power and automation technologies.

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